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Mod Dog Boutique and Grooming

Mod Dog, est. 2014, is your one-stop-shop in the #SoMoTallahassee community for your pet supplies and grooming needs. Stop by for some great treats from our pet bakery, a new Lupine collar or harness, or set up a spa day for your pet with our groomer.

We are open to all sizes of dogs and cats alike!

At Mod Dog we are committed to helping your fur baby become its happiest and healthiest self.

Mod Dog is open by appointment only.

Fill out the form below to schedule a grooming appointment.

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Matting is when your pet's fur is too tangled to brush out without hurting the animal. There is an upcharge of $5+ depending on the severity of your pet's matting. Some matting may go unnoticed. In this case, the groomer will call to inform you before proceeding with the grooming appointment.
Please describe how you would like your pet's hair to be cut.